Salman Khan, Rubina Dilaik

Salman Khan slammed Rubina Dilaik for claiming that everyone in the show was violent.

In a new promo for Saturday’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 14, host Salman Khan addressed the allegations of violence by contestant Rubina Dilaik. The video starts with, Salman asking the contestants “Aap log hinsa hinsa chilate rehte ho ghar ke andar”. 

On the other hand, Pavitra Punia tells Salman that during every task ‘whatever we do, is according to the instructions of Bigg Boss.’ “Hum jo bhi karte hai, woh sab aadesh anusaar karte hai, hinsa nahi karte”.

Asking the other Bigg Boss contestants, Salman says “Sabse zyada yahan per Hinsa Hinsa kon karta hai?” wherein the fellow contestants in the house name ‘Rubina.’ Responsing to the allegation, Rubina cited the example of the recent task which led to a fallout between Rahul Vaidya and Jasmin Bhasin, and said that the task was about ‘communication’ and not ‘strength’. “Task baatcheet ka tha sir, strength ka nhi tha,” she asserted.

“Yeh strength ki baat nahi thi, toh bag kyun pakda kaske,” Salman further asked her.

Furious over the argument, Rahul Vaidya says “Ek Bigg Boss yahaan chal raha hai, ek Rubina ji ka personal Bigg Boss chal raha hai.” Rubina retorted by asking why the other contestants did not get together and vote her out. 

Salman then reminded Rubina of her own behaviour during the task and questioned why she held onto Jasmin when Rahul was pulling the bag from her. “Kya yeh passion nahi tha? Apna passion, apna passion, doosron ka passion, violence?” he asked her. He accused her of labelling everyone’s ‘passion’ as ‘violence’ but being blind to her own behaviour. Rubina stated that it is easy to sugarcoat violent behaviour and call it ‘passionate’.

Not just that, Salman even said, “Rubina you make your life miserable and you make everyone else’s life also miserable.”

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