An overwhelming majority of consumers across India want the government to allow e-commerce firms to resume delivery of all goods, including work from home and school essentials even in red zones from May 4, a survey showed.

Conducted by community platform LocalCircles, 78% respondents of the survey said that the government should permit online retailers to ship all products, apart from essential items. Only 18% consumers said this should not be allowed, while 4% said they didn’t have a choice.

On Friday, the government allowed e-commerce firms to restart delivery of non-essentials in green and orange zones. This relaxation won’t apply to areas which fall under the “red” category.

Consumers, however, said there’s a need to extend the list of essential products allowed in red zones, according to LocalCircles.

A follow-on question in the survey on how consumers would prefer to shop once the lockdown ends, saw 50% respondents answering that they would want products delivered home, whether from e-commerce or from their local retailers. Another 41% of respondents answered that they would go to nearby retail stores or markets to shop, but only 4% said they would go to malls even after they were reopened.

Consumers want full e-commerce services in all zones: Survey
The survey said that while mom-and-pop stores and online retailers are the preferred choice for consumers to buy both essential and non-essential goods, customers are increasingly asking for even local retailers to offer e-commerce-like delivery services as they choose not to step out for some time even after the lockdown ends.

E-commerce players ET spoke to said that they welcomed the Ministry of Home Affairs’ latest guidelines as it would allow them to resume full operations in some zones. They, however, said a majority of their business will still be impacted as major economic hubs come under red zones.

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