FWICE appeals for boycotting Chinese products

FWICE appeals for boycotting Chinese products

The death of 20 Indian soldiers in the June 16 clashes that erupted between Indian and Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh has led the nationwide protest against China and its military forces.  The Federation of Western India Cine Employees representing the artists, workers and technicians of the entire media and entertainment industry hereby is concerned about the lives of our soldiers and the internal security of our country. We hereby advise all the celebrities, technicians to kindly refrain from promoting any made in china products through the medium of Advertisements or Social and digital media. We also advise all to avoid hiring Chinese technicians and actors.

We should all stand together in solidarity towards our soldiers fighting for us at the borders to protect our nation. 

Time has come to show our real patriotism and the only way for it is that we answer this brutality of China and make them learn a lesson of their life by destroying their economy. Only this will be the way to pay our tribute to the martyrs those laid down their lives protecting our borders in Ladakh.


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