India's Best Dancer: Geeta Kapur reveals how Nora Fatehi, Terence Lewis reacted post their viral vid

India’s Best Dancer: Geeta Kapur reveals how Nora Fatehi, Terence Lewis reacted post their viral video

From the past few days, actor-dancer Nora Fatehi and choreographer Terence Lewis have been in the limelight for a controversial video that has gone viral on the internet. The video allegedly shows him touching her inappropriately.  However, the two of them through their recent social media post and comments made it clear that the video was forged. And now their co-judge Geeta Kapur who was also present in the video has opened up about how the two of them reacted after the whole scenario and how it has affected their minds. Not only this, Geeta even said that this is the reason why she prefers to keep herself away from social media.

After the video went viral, Terence shared a story of Zen master and his disciples on Instagram on which Nora commented, “Thank you Terrence! In today’s time of social media video morphing and photoshop effects for meme purposes…”

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Meanwhile, when Geeta was asked about the video, she told Hindustan Times, “This is the reason why I want to stay away from social media. People sit in their homes and they say anything. In the cloak of invisibility these people get a lot of power. And in the bargain they don’t understand how many people they defame. I know Terence for so many years, I can’t even imagine him doing something like this even as a joke. Nora is such a sweet and hard working girl. All the love and respect that they’ve earned for so many years means nothing. One nonsense video means more than that.”

She further seemed upset at people who always raise their voice about feminism and said, “They should have stood up, I feel. I’ve seen how this incident affected these two. Recently, while shooting, Terence was awkward even while talking to me. Even Nora was disturbed. I had to sit them down and explain that they’re losing mental peace over something that’s not even true.”

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Kapur says such experiences made her decide to stay away from social media. Geeta even shared a beautiful post for Nora that read, “U came like a breath of fresh air and have left us gasping for more !!! Thank u my baby Nora for being such a lovely and special part of my life … I don’t know how u did it but in such a short span u filled an important space left by @malaikaaroraofficial with such grace… dignity.. gud vibe … love and honesty … and u leave us with so much too hold on too …I will miss u lil gurl and I’m sure I say this on behalf of all those u come across and go ur way YOU ARE RATCHET.”

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