K-pop star Yohan dies at 28: Shocked TST fans express grief

K-pop star Yohan dies at 28: Shocked TST fans express grief 

K-pop star and member of TST boy band breathed his last on Tuesday in South Korea. Yohan, whose real name was Kim Jeong-hwan, was just 28.  As per The Korea Times, KJ Music Entertainment issued a statement saying, “Yohan has passed away on June 16.” Yohan’s funeral will be held at Yonsei funeral hall in Seoul. His wake is being held at Severance Hospital in Sinchon, and he will be moved to a cemetery in Yongin on June 18, as per SPOTV. the reason for his death is not known yeath.

Yohan was earlier a part of the band NOM. After they disbanded, Yohan joined TST in 2017. Their last single was released in January titled Count Down.

Yohan and TST fans are in shock to learn about the sudden and tragic death of the young star. Even South Korean singer Lee Kiseop wrote, “I love you a lot, Yohan.”

Mourning the tragic loss of Yuhan, s user tweeted, “Im gonna log off for today to calm myself down and in order to respect tst and yohan, my deepest condolences to yohan’s family, friends, and anyone affected by this. may he rest in peace. if anyone needs to talk i will be on the dms; take care.” 

Another wrote, “Rest In Peace Yohan. You were an amazing idol who inspired many. You always wanted the Paradise to be heard, now we know why. You would always have a bright smile, and lighten up the room. We all miss  you very much, fly high. My condolences go to his family, and TST,”

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