Kerala on Friday identified seven more people with covid-19, as per official estimates, but also witnessed the recovery of 27 existing patients, in line with the state’s infection rate flattening.

Kerala has been reporting more recoveries than fresh cases for the last four days. However, it is still one of India’s top ten hotspots for covid-19 and the officials expect the infections could go higher once the country-wide lockdown ends.

Kerala has a total of 364 recorded cases. Out of them, 238 covid-19 patients are currently under treatment, two died previously and 124 recovered, according to a statement from the state health department.

Beyond these, the department said the state has kept in observation 1,29,751 people, 730 of them in hospitals and the rest in their homes.

Three of the fresh cases are in the most infected Kasargod district, and the rest two others are in Kannur and Malappuram, as per the department. Five of them were infected through contacts and two were attendees in a religious event in Delhi’s Nizamuddin, seen now as a top hotspot in India, the statement added.

The department said that the state has so far sent for testing 13,339 samples of individuals, out of which 12,335 returned as negative and the rest of the results are awaited.

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