Kerala has three new covid-19 cases, and 15 new recoveries, chief minister PInarayi Vijayan said on Friday. Even as the few cases provide relief for the state, the state is mourning the death of a 4-month child who had covid-19 and died earlier today.

So far, Kerala has recorded 450 total cases, 116 active patients and 331 recoveries and four deaths including a Puducherry native who died while undergoing treatment in the state.

The state’s infection curve had largely flattened after again rising up like a camel hump, with more infections than recoveries recorded for three days this week. The three fresh infections were reported from Kasargod, who got the virus through contacts, the CM said. Including Kasargod, four northern districts, which are the most-infected, are totally shut until 3 May.

But the state still has one of India’s highest recovery rates, at 73.56 %. Kerala’s observation numbers have also plummeted. It has 21,745 people in isolation now, of these 452 in hospitals and the rest in their houses, a significant drop from over one lakh people in the first week of April. The state has tested 21,941 samples so far, of which 20830 returned as negative and the rest of the results are awaited, the CM said.

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