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Milind Soman says he has a “question fatigue” amid lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a halt and Bollywood actor Milind Soman is tired of asking questions like “what will life be like” after lockdown. With a “question fatigue”, Milind Soman decided to ask his fans on Instagram a light question – whether he should keep a “beard or no beard?” Sharing two pictures, one with a beard and another without it, Milind Soman mentioned a few questions that bother him before posting the “beard” question.

“The world is grappling with a pandemic and I have question fatigue on what’s the best way for govts to restart after lockdown, what will life be like, will vaccines be mandatory, which businesses will do well, is my immunity dropping sitting at home, should I become a farmer, what is the meaning of happiness …so a simple question for me today is Beard ??? Or no beard ??????,” Milind wrote on Instagram, giving photo courtesy to his wife Ankita Konwar.

While many fans flooded his post with their suggestions, Ankita came up with a cute reply. “A bearded farmer,” she commented on Milind’s Instagram post. 

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Ankita Konwar came up with a cute reply to Milind Soman’s post.

Earlier, the actor shared a throwback picture that was clicked three decades ago. The photo was clicked in 1990 when Milind was in modelling. As soon as he shared the photo, comments poured in, especially from his female fans. However, there was one follower who was unimpressed.

Milind took this throwback photo to ask his fans about the major change that has happened in their lives or the world in these 30 years. “Its Monday, what can I say? 1990, when this picture was taken, seems a lifetime away! .. what is the biggest change that you have heard of or experienced in the last 30 years? #MondayMood,” he captioned.

Calling Milind ‘silly and superficial’, the user said that his post gives the impression that being “visually appealing” is all one need for survival.  “I really hope u have more to offer than always promoting your looks. It’s silly and superficial and makes people feel that in order to survive this real world they need to only be visually appealing. I only say this because u only post a face of yourself and then enjoy people complimenting u it’s a bit dumb,” he commented.

Milind, who usually remains unfazed by criticism replied politely saying,“@shaunnty34 perhaps you should read and think, then you might not feel so bad.”

Milind was recently seen in Amazon Prime’s Four More Shots Please!. In the second season, he plays a gynecologist named Dr. Aamir Warsi.

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