Online searches for games, movies soar amid lockdown: Report
More Indians are searching online for information on games, movies, books as well as grocery and food delivery services.

In view of the ongoing lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, online searches related to these topics and more have surged, says web analytics firm SEMrush, which shared its search data exclusively with ET.

Searches for online games have increased 300%, with Counterstrike and Call of Duty among the most searched games, while those for puzzles and crossbows are gaining in popularity, along with yoga mats, searches for which have increased by 400%.

Other most searched services include video streaming services, including Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video, and their subscription rates.

“While there has been a huge surge in searches for online video streaming services, their numbers are eclipsed by searches for practical services and apps like Skype and for home food delivery,” said Fernando Angulo, Head of Communications, SEMrush.

Searches for online food delivery and online grocery have also spiked manifold.

In fact, ET reported earlier that online grocery has seen unprecedented demand since the Covid-19 virus outbreak and a slew of internet businesses have diversified into the groceries space.

“Indians are a pragmatic people and, with a crisis afoot, their biggest concerns are keeping in touch with friends and family, ensuring nobody goes hungry, and the safety of their loved ones,” Angulo added.

The gaming industry is witnessing more active gamers, social gaming and interactive gaming.

There is also a distinct pattern in the time of day when games are being played.

Earlier, it was during commutes to offices in the morning, during lunch hour and back in the evenings. Now, however, it is from 10 pm to midnight, said Manish Agarwal, CEO of online gaming company Nazara Technologies.

Although there is an increase in the number of new gamers, companies face a challenge in retaining them over the next few months.

“Creation of social competitive multiplayers within games and gamifying the retention will be the key aspects that gaming companies will adopt to retain gamers cutting across social strata and age groups,” said Agarwal.

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