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Race 3 actor Freddy Daruwala pours his heart out on his father’s battle with COVID-19.

Bollywood actor Freddy Daruwala who has worked in a couple of films like Holiday and Race 3 revealed that his father tested COVID-19 positive. His father is 67 and has been kept in home isolation. Freddy’s bungalow in Mumbai has been sealed by BMC. In his latest interview with The Times of India, the actor said that despite taking precautions, his father contracted COVID-19. He also added that necessary precautions are being taken so that the virus doesn’t spread to his other family members. He is especially worried about his 15-month-old son Evaan. Freddy also opened up about the most “emotionally draining” part of his father’s battle with coronavirus.

Freddy told TOI, “So, since we found out about my father’s positive results, we’re making sure that he is isolated and using only one room and one dedicated toilet to himself. His clothes, bed sheets and other used things are sanitised, washed and kept with utmost care. The rest of the family members are keeping a safe distance from him. But at the same time, we’re making sure he doesn’t feel lonely and left alone.”

The actor recalls that it was actually the ‘limbo’ period before the test results arrived that was the most emotionally draining for him. “Initially, when the test results had not come and we were in limbo, it was absolutely an emotionally draining situation for me. Not knowing what has happened to my father and the unawareness of what will happen if we find negative / positive results kept me very down and depressed,” he said. The actor said that meditation and prayers are helping his father in this crucial battle.  

Earlier, in an interview with Hindustan Times, Freddy had said, “My dad had symptoms of seasonal flue like fever and body ache. Hence, we took it lightly. On the third or fourth day, I thought that we should get him tested considering the current scenario. The reports that came a couple of days back showed positive results… The BMC suggested that we should keep him in a place with many rooms and washrooms. So, we kept him at home because we thought that the hospitals may be used by someone who really needs it”

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