Ravi Dubey

Ravi Dubey recently penned a poem titled “Aankde”, which translates to “numbers”.

Actor Ravi Dubey says it is not easy for television actors to make it big in Bollywood. “It’s not easy, because there are times certain myopic viewpoints and preconceived notions come into play,” he told IANS, adding: “But these notions will soon evaporate.” Ravi feels the entertainment industry need repair.

“The entertainment industry has made us whatever we are. It’s a great industry but the system needs repair. We have all at some point of time or the other been at the receiving end. It is time for a change in perspective, but I do feel we are at a point of a huge metamorphosis,” he said.

Ravi recently penned a poem titled “Aankde”, which translates to “numbers”. The poem was a comment on the industry’s obsession with box office numbers.

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