Illustration: Rahul awasthi
Illustration: Rahul awasthi

Software engineers, product managers, sales and marketing staff, and people in operational roles were the most impacted by layoffs at startups over the last one month, said Mumbai-based jobs portal Big.Jobs, which shared the data exclusively with ET.

Big.Jobs data has been tracking layoffs in India for more than a month amid the Covid-19 pandemic and resultant lockdown.

Software engineers and product managers form 23% of the laid off workforce, along with sales and marketing staff, which constitute another 23%, while operations form 20%, according to the data, analysed from a sample of 3,000 laid off employees across sectors.

ET reported earlier that multiple internet businesses — including Oyo, BlackBuck, Treebo, Acko, Fab Hotels, Meesho, Shuttl, Capillary,, Swiggy and Fareportal — have, on average, cut workforce by 30%, including temporary staff, in the past one month.

Illustration: Rahul Awasthi
Illustration: Rahul Awasthi

“Software Engineers are one of the most impacted professionals during the Covid-19 crisis. Engineers are expensive assets, and many companies that over-staffed their technology teams prior to the crisis in anticipation of growth are now forced to put new projects on indefinite hold and cut down their engineering headcount. We’re seeing similar trends for sales and marketing professionals – they were the first ones to get laid off during this crisis,” said Himanshu Geed, founder of Big.Jobs.

Consulting and general management roles have also taken a hit, although sectors such as ed-tech, gaming and financial services are seeing an uptick and aggressively ramping up their teams.

The software engineering role is also seeing maximum demand, which experts said could be due to reasons such as availability of inexpensive talent, and increased hiring by industries such healthcare and indoor entertainment, which have been in demand.

CXO and design roles are also witnessing traction. “For sales and marketing, there’s a good match between the proportion of laid off candidates to open job roles,” Geed said, with companies in the online grocery space hiring for these roles.

Although business-to-consumer firms have been hit the most, the impact varies across sectors, said Kamal Karanth, co-founder of specialist staffing firm Xpheno. “But the overall picture is quite grim as no new jobs are being created.

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