• Bitcoin has been caught within the throes of an intense uptrend throughout the past several days and weeks
  • This has allowed it to post notable gains, despite previously showing signs of weakness as it consolidated at the lower end of its macro trading range
  • The cryptocurrency has now shattered its high time frame resistance at $10,500
  • One analyst is cautioning investors against growing too bullish when it comes to this latest upswing
  • He is noting that BTC remains in a potential distribution channel that won’t be invalidated unless it posts a sustained break above this crucial resistance
  • The trader also notes that funding rates have soared – a historically bearish sign

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market are caught in the throes of an intense uptrend.

The benchmark digital asset saw a surge in buying pressure yesterday that allowed its price to rocket past its previous $10,500 resistance level.

In the time since, it has shown some signs of stability as it hovers within the lower $11,000 region.

Whether or not BTC is able to continue trading above $10,500 for a prolonged period of time could be quite telling as to the state of its macro trend.

While speaking about this, one analyst cautioned investors against growing too bullish on BTC prematurely, as he notes that it remains stuck within a distribution channel.

Bitcoin Rallies Past $11,000, But Needs to Maintain Above Key Resistance

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading up over 11% at its current price of $11,050.

The cryptocurrency has been able to stabilize around this price level in the time following yesterday’s intense upswing.

Analysts are now noting that $10,500 is the key level to watch, as BTC needs to maintain above this level for an extended period of time in order for it to see further upwards momentum.

Bulls Beware: These Factors Could Stop BTC in Its Tracks

While speaking about $10,500, one analyst explained that it might be too early to be fully bullish on Bitcoin until buyers can establish it as a strong level of support.

“While CT is euphoric with the 10k break, thinking that we are going straight to the ath, I remain cautious until the price consolidates above 10.5k. This level is very important (potential UTAD for distribution). Schematic is identical.”


Image Courtesy of il Capo of Crypto. Chart via TradingView.

The same analyst also notes that funding rates have skyrocketed across trading platforms. This is a historically grim sign signaling that a rally has overextended itself.

“As soon as the price has broken 10k, fundings have skyrocketed across all exchanges. This is NOT a bullish sign.”

Although BTC is currently sitting well above this crucial resistance level, until it is able to confirm that it has established either $11,000 or $10,500 as strong support, it may still be prone to seeing downside.

Featured image from Unsplash.
Charts and pricing data via TradingView.

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